Planning to visit church in Folsom this sunday?



Location Church Services in Folsom:

 350 Plaza Dr Folsom, CA 95630

Times of Services:

Our Sunday service begins at 9:30am.

Parking Info:

Our building is on the same lot as Results Gym and Enterprise. If you park on the West Side of the parking of lot you'll find our entrance easily. 



Q: Is the Gathering Place a Christian church?

A: Yes! We are grace-filled and Bible teaching Christian church. Click here to read more about what we believe. 

Q: Is there a dress code?

A: If you come dressed in casual comfortable clothing you'll fit right in.

Q: How long does the service last?

A: The service length is about 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Q: Will I be asked for money?

A: Being generous and giving of offerings is a regular part of our service. However, as a visitor or guest please don't feel any obligation what so ever.

Q: Will I be singled out or asked to introduce myself publicly?

A: No way, we won't do anything to embarrass you or bring unnecessary attention to you. We will however greet you at the door and be as hospitable as possible while you're with us.

Q: Is there anything for kids during the service?

A: Yes, bring your children!

- There are classes and activities for children 0-18 yrs old. Children 0-12yrs old can be checked into their classes as early as 10 minutes before service, then they can be picked up when the service ends. 

Q: I love coffee in the morning... am I allowed to bring a cup into the service?

A: Absolutely, we actually serve free fresh brewed coffee before our Sunday services.


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